Simplified Financial Management

All-In-One financial management solution that promotes spend efficiency.

The first Expense Management Fintech in Saudi Arabia to be licensed by the Saudi Central Bank SAMA!

Trusted by 100+ Customers

SiFi, a Saudi Focused Spend Management Platform, Closes a $10M Seed Round Led by Sanabil Investments and RAED Ventures.

All-In-One Financial Platform

Designed to help companies save time & money

Automate expense matching, categorisation, approvals and more.

Issue instant corporate cards and assign to employees.

Save time through an efficient reconciliation process.

Streamline your reimbursement process.


Track transactions in real time at a card, team budget, or company wide level. Analyze spend trends for enhanced visibility of your company's expenditures.


SiFi ensures optimal control over your expenses with customizable, multi-level approvals and card restrictions, enhancing compliance and reducing unexpected costs.


Set up multi-level approvals and card spend restrictions to enhance your control over company spend.


Instant card issuance, effortless receipt capturing, and streamlined reconciliation process of your expenses.


Prioritizing financial security, SiFi is licensed by Saudi Central Bank and PCI DSS compliant, uses bank-level infrastructure to safeguard your company's financial data.


Your security is our priority. We are licensed by the Saudi Central Bank.

Simplified Finance for your whole company

SiFi automates business spending across departments for more control, insights, and savings.

Streamline approvals

Ensure approvals are routed to the right people. Approve expenses with a single click from your laptop or mobile app.

Monitor and control spend in real-time

Get full visibility on all spending as it occurs. Set card restrictions to eliminate expense fraud. Issue and pause company cards from your laptop or mobile app.

Automate Reconciliation

Approve and verify expenses on the SiFi platform and streamline reconciliation via direct integrations with multiple widely used accounting softwares.
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Streamline approvals

Approve expenses with a click from your laptop or mobile app. Get all the details you need to make approvals instantly.

Monitor and control budgets in real-time

Track your team spend in real time and enforce controls and policies.

Empower employee spending

Instantly issue virtual cards that enable your employees to spend within predefined controls. End reimbursements and out-of-pocket employee spending.
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Powerful Card

Spend securely with a corporate card that can be used online and anywhere.

Easily Upload Receipts

Instantly upload your receipts to the SiFi app or through the SiFi web portal and match them with the correct expense.

Quickly Submit  Reimbursements

Seamless process to request reimbursements for out-of-pocket spend with ease of uploading the relevant receipts.
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Simplify your business spend

SiFi helps you manage and automate your business spend for better control, visibility, and savings

Finance Teams

Instantly reconcile your spend.
SiFi integrates with your accounting software, reducing manual book-keeping work and speeding up monthly closing
Automatic data extraction.
With advanced invoice OCR and QR code recognition, SiFi extracts all relevant fields and matches automatically.
Monitor and control spend in real-time.
Get full visibility on all your spending. Eliminate expense fraud. Issue and pause company cards with a click


Streamline approvals.
Approve expenses with a click. See all the details you need to make an approval in a single place
Monitor your budget in real time.
Track your teams spend against your budget in real time
Empower your team.
Enable your employees to spend within predefined controls


Powerful Card.
Spend securely with a corporate card that is accepted by more than million’s merchants globally
Easily Upload Receipts.
Just upload your receipts to SiFi app or forward them to SiFi email and let us do the rest
Get reimbursed.
Spent out of pocket? Upload your receipt and request a reimbursement through the app.

We help simplify how businesses manage spend

Experience the simplicity of managing spend with KSA’s #1 spend management platform
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