Automated Accounting

Enhance your accounting operations with SiFi. Minimize time consuming and error prone manual tasks.

Customizable Fields

Create or import your accounting custom fields in one-click.

Automate Entry

Automate manual expense entry and reconciliation.

Boost Efficiency

Speed up processes, save time and resources.

Enhance Accuracy

Minimize errors with automatic data entry and calculations.

Financial Transparency

SiFi offers real-time, comprehensive spend visibility, providing transaction details for precise revision before syncing with your Accounting system.

Audit All Transactions

Complete transparency showcasing  audit trails for review and confirmation.

Can SiFi handle multi-currency transactions?

Yes, SiFi can handle expenses in different currencies and automatically convert them to your home currency for accounting purposes.

How does SiFi handle receipt management?

With SiFi, employees are prompted to take a photo of their receipts after every purchase. The platform then uses OCR technology to extract the relevant data, which is automatically added to the expense record.

Does SiFi support custom expense categories?

Yes, SiFi allows you to create custom expense categories, which can make it easier to track and analyze your spending.

We help simplify how businesses manage spend

Experience the simplicity of managing spend with KSA’s #1 spend management platform
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